This funky thing called life…

I’ve been in this rut lately, and I’m hoping I’ll snap out of it soon.  They say that when your career is good, then your love life is bad…and when your career is bad, then your love life is good.  But is it really too much to want both?

I find myself in a predicament.  I’m completely in love to the man of my dreams.  Actually, I take that back.  No person is exactly what you dreamed about or completely perfect, but he is pretty darn close.  Not to mention that what I dreamed about when I was a little girl has changed significantly since I’ve gotten older.  It’s not about prince charming anymore.  In fact, that façade faded away when I was about 12.  Instead, it’s about complementing each other.  I tend to be the planner, and he goes with the flow.  Could it get frustrating?  Yes.  It actually does at times, but it also helps me realize to stop and enjoy the moment and let spontaneity reign.  Let’s face it, life is more fun that way.  Another difference is that he likes doing the dishes, and I do not.  Score another one for me!

Of course though, our love is more than just planning and dishes.  With my past two relationships, I truly thought I loved them.  That is, until I met Adam.  This type of love is truly unexplainable.  People try so hard to describe this feeling so eloquently in poems, books, songs and more…yet even they don’t succeed.  You just can’t know until you experience it…just like you don’t listen to your parents about not touching a hot stove until you get burnt.  The fact is I am so completely blessed to have found my match, both literally and figuratively.  (Or maybe he’s my flint, and I’m the match.)  Either way, I can’t stop lighting up when he’s by my side.    

Now, I’m sitting here and counting the days until I get to be his wife, yet all this wedding planning is getting the best of me, and I haven’t even really begun yet.  I thought by taking a break and focusing on the other projects in my life that I would find clarity in what to do.  But so far that hasn’t happened.  If anything, I’m more confused.  Maybe I just need to take some more time.

Or possibly, it could be that I’m just not happy with my career right now, and it’s slowly seeping in and killing my happiness and the fun of planning.  It’s time for something new though, that’s for sure.  I’m ready for a new challenge, one where I can finally use my talents, abilities and creativity to their fullest.  I’m sure as heck not doing that here.  Where I’m at now seems to only be one step up from a maid.  (Not that being a maid is bad.)  It’s just that I didn’t go to college and get my degree to be someone’s personal assistant who doesn’t get credit for the work they do.  Not to mention that the disrespect and lack of thoughtfulness shown to us is even worse.  And you know something has got to give when the negativity seeps in, and you can’t get past it.  Nothing is worth your happiness vanishing. 

So now I find myself in one of life’s most common frustrations, the one where you’re supposed to find a balance between work and family.  But when I think of balance, I think of a scale where two sides are equal.  However, that usually means that one side that used to be greater than the other is now mediocre in order to make up for the one that was terrible.  And that’s not okay with me.  I want both to be exceptional.  Screw the scale.  Here’s to happiness on all accounts and not settling for mediocrity!


Thoughtful Thursdays: Take The Walk

Hanson has been doing their “Walk Around the World” tour and walking barefoot one mile prior to each show to fight poverty and AIDS in Africa.

I thought it would be awesome if they did it on the Rock Boat, and after some researching found out that they do have one scheduled before the preparty on January 16th at 2:00pm. So come on out and let’s make this the biggest turn out they’ve ever had…Rock Boat Style! =)

Details below.


Take The Walk
Walk for Schools
Jan 16 – Miami, FL
Pre-Rock Boat Kick off Party Walk!

We chose to host this walk for schools because we feel that education is key in battling the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Schools not only foster skills to advance economically, but will also provide the children a sense of direction and hope for their future. It is known that those with more years of schooling tend to live healthier lives. Meet us in the Marriott Biscayne Bay Lobby for our 1 mile walk at 2:00 PM on January 16th, 2009.

Contact: Allyson Poyet & Ashley Gibson

For those not able to make it on the Rock Boat, please visit Take the Walk’s website for more tour dates and information about other opportunities available for you to join in helping make a difference.

Thoughtful Thursdays: Take Care

Many of you know that I tend to sign my emails and things with “Take Care.”  I do that because I really wish you well until the next time we talk.  Well, this morning while watching the morning news, something caught my eye on a commercial.  It was announcing the “Take Care Health Tour” put on by Walgreens.  

The Walgreens Take Care Health Tour is on a 300-city, 12-month nationwide health screening tour that features 10 customized traveling education and health-screening vehicles.  The program will travel more than 240,000 miles to offer six free screenings:  Total Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure, Bone Density, Glucose Levels, Waist Circumference and Body Mass Index.

These services (worth more than $115 in value) are FREE and no appointment is necessary.

The tour aims to bring free screening services and better health awareness to local communities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  Many diseases can be detected through screenings long before any symptoms are noticed, making awareness the key to remaining healthy.

This year, the tour plans to provide 1.5 million screenings, valued at more than $35 million.  After receiving results, visitors are encouraged to see their doctor regarding any concerns.  Call toll-free 1-866-484-TOUR to find a bus tour stop near you or view it online here.


Also, they have an awesome thing on their website called the Health Corner, where you can read information and view videos on certain health concerns, diseases, etc.  They also offer some ideas for healthy recipes and more.   


Please spread the word to anyone that could use it!  Thanks!

Thoughtful Thursdays: A Love Song Gone Right…

As many of you know, I love rock music.  So much so that I go on The Rock Boat each year.  I first heard of the band Florez through The Rock Boat Community, which is where Erik Huffman comes into play.  Erik got the chance to be a contestant on last year’s season of Survivor, where he met Jaime Dugan.  They lived within a 25-mile-radius growing up in South Carolina and even went to the same concerts.  It just so happened though that they found each other…and love…in China.  I call that fate.

I have never met a more down-to-earth guy than Erik is.  He’s truly the boy next door who has held on to his values.  He’s done so much to help others (including charity events)…without ever asking for something in return.  Now, he’s met the woman he’s going to spend the rest of his life with.  I love the fact that they are following their heart and dreams with their jobs (choosing the road less traveled, instead of choosing money) and in turn making a difference in the lives of many. 

However, following your dream when it comes to your job sometimes means not being wealthy, which is why Erik and Jaime need your help.  They have made it to the final four and need your votes for the Charleston Wedding Giveaway.  Being that Erik and Jaime are both from SC, I would love nothing more than to see them be able to have their dream wedding in SC…and Charleston is the perfect place to come together.  I wish them the best and hope that all their dreams and wishes come true, including this wedding giveaway, because I don’t know of a more deserving couple. 

Please help their dreams come true by voting for them to win the Charleston Wedding Giveaway.  You can vote each day up to October 17th. 

Thoughtful Thursdays: Causes

Today, I wanted to take a quick second to highlight some important causes and ways you can help.

Trip Advisor will be giving away $1 million to 5 great organizations on November 12th.  Please VOTE and tell them where the $1 million donation should go.  The organizations are:  Conservation International, Doctors without Borders, National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy and Save The Children.   

Join Lyrics For Life and hosts Jeff Wilson and Steve Durrett for the 4th Annual Tampa Benefit.  The evening begins on October 18th at 6:00 pm and will be held at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort (Florida).  Cocktails on the deck will be followed by a tropical luau buffet – casual, beach-inspired attire is recommended.

The night will feature intimate, acoustic performances by Sister Hazel, Michael Tolcher, Chris Nathan and Don Miggs as well as silent auction of unique handwritten and autographed items.

Tickets are $ 150.00 per person and table sponsors are available for $ 3000.00.  Tickets will on sale at beginning 9/5/08 or by calling Cynthia @ (973) 596.0444 x24.

Together we can make a difference. To find out more about what you can do to help, please visit

Thoughtful Thursdays: 11 Years

Eleven years have passed since I lost my grandfather to his battle with leukemia.  Eleven very long years.  Eleven years that has shaped and molded me more than I could have ever expected.  Eleven years worth of life…along with all of it’s obstacles, hardships, highlights and happiness.  It’s all so bittersweet. 

My grandfather has been on my mind a lot lately.  Mostly…just realizing how much I miss him and thinking of everything that I would give up for just one more second…one more second to feel his embrace or to hear his distinct safe voice or to see his weathered hard face.  Thinking back…it allows me to remember the person he was, the life he lived and how he is the bravest person (besides my grandmother) that I have ever known.  He definitely did not take the easy road in life, especially being a farmer and trying to raise his family with a wife and four children to feed.  It was hard on everyone, and his face reflected those hardships and struggles…so did his hands.  I wouldn’t change anything about him though…nor a single memory.  I just long for those moments back…where I could experience them once more.  Over time, some memories start to fade.  I guess it’s because some have to be lost in order to make room for the new ones.  I wish I could *sticky* or *star* those cherished memories, so that they would never disappear. 

To my grandpa…I am blessed to have the same blood as you.  You make me a better person each and every day, and I am honored to hold on to your memory.  My wish is that I can be as brave as you in the face of adversity, as giving as you in the face of poverty, as strong as you in the face of hardships and as loving as you in the face of your family. 


“When I Look To The Sky” by Train
When it rains it pours and opens doors
And floods the floors we thought would always keep us safe and dry
And in the midst of sailing ships we sink our lips into the ones we love
That have to say goodbye
And as I float along this ocean
I can feel you like a notion that won’t seem to let me go
Cause when I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me
And you make everything alright
And when I feel like I’m lost something tells me you’re here with me
And I can always find my way when you are here
And every word I didn’t say that caught up in some busy day
And every dance on the kitchen floor we didn’t have before
And every sunset that we’ll miss I’ll wrap them all up in a kiss
And pick you up in all of this when I sail away
And as I float along this ocean
I can feel you like a notion that I hope will never leave
Whether I am up or down or in or out or just plane overhead
Instead it just feels like it is impossible to fly
But with you I can spread my wings to see me over everything that life may send me
When I am hoping it won’t pass me by
And when I feel like there is no one that will ever know me
there you are to show me
Cause when I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me
And you make everything alright
And when I feel like I’m lost something tells me you’re here with me
And I can always find my way when you are here

Thoughtful Thursdays: September 11th

Today is one of those days that the entire nation stops and thinks about where they were that dreadful morning seven years ago when they heard the news that sent shock through the nation’s soul.  I know, for me, I was in my Senior year at high school when an announcement was made over the intercoms about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.  We were all in disbelief.  We couldn’t truly comprehend what had just happened nor could have imagined that more terror and horror was still to come.  
Americans’ worst fears came true.  But if you were like me, you were oblivious that someone could be so hateful or pull something off this devastating.  I definitely was naive.  I never thought that the safety of our nation and its people would ever be endangered.  I thought of war as only occurring in other parts of the world. 
Oh, how things have changed.  How I have changed.
Americans are constantly looking over their shoulder for things out of the ordinary, especially when flying.  I know when I fly, I catch myself subconsciously looking around at the exits and thinking to myself what I would do if something were to happen and making up a quick plan of action in my head.  But today, I don’t want to focus on the terror that the attacks put back into the American people.  No, they don’t deserve that recognition.  Instead, I want to focus on those brave souls we lost.

*My moment of silence*

They are worth remembering.  All 3000 of them.   To all of their family and friends, my prayers and thoughts are with you always.  Your loved ones were heroes, my heroes.  And each of those heroes has a story and someone carrying their memory on inside their hearts.  Thank you for allowing them to continue to live on.  They are dearly missed, and they always will be. 

We will never forget.

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