Manic Mondays: Zac Brown Band

If you’re a country fan, you may have recently heard a song on the radio called “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band.  And if you’re a rock boater…like me, you’ve been blessed to be listening to some of Zac’s songs for years now.

I just have to say, I’m soooo happy for him and his band right now.  They are finally getting the support, recognition and success they deserve.

Anyways, his new music video for “Chicken Fried” came out and has already been featured on CMT.  Check it out.  =)

Also, you can pre-order his new cd, “The Foundation” (being released November 18th), by going here.  As a bonus, you can download some of the tracks now as well as enter a contest for some pretty awesome prizes.


Manic Mondays: Michael Tolcher

Michael Tolcher has been one of my favorite artsits for years.  Some of you who may not know Michael’s music may have recently seen some Hilton commercials playing his songs. 

This past weekend, he was one of the performers at the Lyrics for Life event in Clearwater Beach, FL.  He continually blows me away with his lyrical genius and musicality.  I picked up a card at the table that had some free download information on it that I wanted to pass along with you.

Visit to download recordings from the debut album, “I AM,” plus his new acoustic track, “Speed Feels Better.”

When prompted, enter:
Login:  mtolcher08
Password:  seeyousoon


Manic Mondays: Jon McLaughlin

I love it when an artist I knew of a few years ago is finally making it big.  Jon McLaughlin is that musician right now.  He just released his new album “OK NOW.”  If you love good music, go get this album.  It’s wonderful.  (I just picked it up at Best Buy for $9.99 after my friend, Mike, raved about it on our trip this past weekend to St. George Island.  I’ve been listening to it all day.  It doesn’t disappoint.)

Manic Mondays: CMJ

I stumbled across this cool website/magazine called CMJ.

For you indie rock music lovers, check it out.  It offers things from free downloads, new music reports, new releases, etc.

Manic Mondays: Toyota Tuesdays

MySpace has launched a new page called Toyota Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday, a new song will be available for download for free.  Yes, FREE!  =)  Go check it out.

Manic Mondays: Josh Groban

This man continuously amazes me…not just with his voice…but come to find out he’s got a great sense of humor…and is a pretty good impersonator too.  I mean…seriously.  I missed the Emmy’s last night, but I heard of his ‘theme show’ segment and had to watch it.  I just got through laughing so hard…I cried.  I thought I would brighten your day by sharing it with you below.



I also absolutely love this song, “Don’t Give Up, You Are Loved.”

Manic Mondays: Pandora

No, I’m not talking about Pandora’s box, I’m talking about Pandora Radio.  The new kind of radio that plays music you like and suggests music similar to what you listen to.  It has turned me on to some great new artists that I would not have known about otherwise.  Click HERE to read more about the Music Genome Project and what started it.

Pandora makes my top 10 list of things I love about the internet.  Websites like this are changing the face of music today, and I couldn’t be more excited for the artists, especially those who are indpendent.  You can even make your own stations and share them with your friends…like this one.

Spread the word…try PANDORA today.  You’ll fall in love with it like I have.  =)

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