Cupid comes in all forms…

The story of how I met Adam.


After a few relationships here and there, one resulting in happiness from getting out of a controlling relationship and the other resulting in heart break after my best friend deciding he no longer wanted to be with me, I decided to take an active approach in finding the man that God meant for me. That active approach was online dating. :)

I had my reservations, lots of them, but I decided to give myself a month on OK Cupid to see what happened. I didn’t see any harm in at least trying. Well, at least I didn’t think there would be any harm in trying. After a few weeks, I instantly was discouraged again from the numerous messages of men being men. If this is how it was going to be, I sure didn’t want to give it a month. The two weeks I already tried was painful enough, so I went back on the website one last time so I could delete my profile.

But then something stopped me. I was stopped by what seemed to be a truly genuine man whose first words to me seemed very sincere. The fact that he was not like the others definitely stopped me in my tracks. That night, we chatted online for quite a while, seeing what we both wanted from life, getting each other’s backgrounds and asking the normal questions you’d ask to try to get to know someone more.

Yet, I was still being cautious. I didn’t know if it was some guy who truly was a good person, or someone pretending to be. He kept expressing how he wanted to go on a date, and I kept stalling. But after a week of talking practically every night online, I decided to give him a chance, and I’m so glad I did.

We met to go on our first date on July 18th, 2009. He took me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant, followed it up with seeing a romantic comedy with me in the theater (which happened to be the movie, The Proposal, a sign of things to come) and ended the evening with watching the stars on the beach. It was definitely the perfect first date. He was true and real and into me as much as I was into him. After that first date, we couldn’t be separated, and I knew we had something special after the 3rd time we saw each other when he said he loved me. I think it slipped out of his mouth, but it made my heart melt.

Four weeks after we met, I came down with a severe case of mono. I didn’t even have the strength to get up out of bed or eat, but there he was with me day and night tending to my every need. I couldn’t have asked for more. No words had to be spoken over those long weeks, just a love shown through his actions. Holding me was all I needed, and at that point, I knew that he would be the man I would marry and grow old with.

That Christmas, I started putting up our first Christmas tree together as a couple. As I was hanging ornaments, I looked over and caught of glimpse of him crying. When I went over to console him and ask him what was wrong, he just smiled and said that his mom was the one who always put up their tree and hung ornaments as well. He was crying because he missed his mom but also because he was happy to start this new chapter in his life with me. It had been eight years since he last had a Christmas tree up, and eight long years since his mother passed away unexpectedly from breast cancer. Just another moment that melted my heart.

Then came Valentine’s Day, one of the holidays of the year that I never cared much for, but I will never be able to say that again. It has become one of my favorite celebrations with Adam being by my side. For that is the day when he proposed to me. I walked down the stairs in my apartment that morning to him surprising me. He first presented me with the movie, The Proposal, then went on to actually propose with the loveliest ring I’ve ever seen. There was no big display in front of a ton of strangers, he simply spoken straight from his heart, which is all I could have ever asked for. (He even asked for my father’s permission!) Ever since I said “YES!”…our love continues to grow and the surprises never stop.

We agreed to have a long engagement and are getting married at Camp Keystone in Starke, Florida on Friday, November 11th, 2011 in front of our dear friends and family. We picked this day for a number of reasons, but most importantly, we wanted it to be a day of “remembrance” for our loved ones who are no longer here and pay homage to our ancestors who fought so bravely for our freedoms. Further, I cannot wait to finally start my life, hand in hand and heart in heart, as Mrs. Adam Staley!


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