My Father and Nyssa (his dog)…

My father just sent me an email about an article he wrote about his dog that got published.  Here is what he said in the email.  (The article is shown below.)

Nyssa is now a celebrity. The Boykin Spaniel Society published this article plus 2 other photos of her and sent an ‘Honorable Mention-Puppy Issue” ribbon. It was printed in the 3rd quarter magazine for the organization. It hasn’t gone to her head; she still sleeps out in her doghouse.


Taking a break…

I love the irony in that title.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting daily blogs right now.  I will be taking a break for a little while and only posting some random blogs here and there.

Thanks for understanding!  Hope to be back soon!

Much love.  Lindsey

Manic Mondays: Zac Brown Band

If you’re a country fan, you may have recently heard a song on the radio called “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band.  And if you’re a rock boater…like me, you’ve been blessed to be listening to some of Zac’s songs for years now.

I just have to say, I’m soooo happy for him and his band right now.  They are finally getting the support, recognition and success they deserve.

Anyways, his new music video for “Chicken Fried” came out and has already been featured on CMT.  Check it out.  =)

Also, you can pre-order his new cd, “The Foundation” (being released November 18th), by going here.  As a bonus, you can download some of the tracks now as well as enter a contest for some pretty awesome prizes.

Simple Saturdays: Learning a new trick…

During Amber’s Bachelorette party last night, some of us tried to tie a cherry stem with our tongues.  Many failed and very few succeeded.  I wasn’t able to try it last night, so I tried it while in Atlanta today at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

And it appears to me that I have a new talent.  =)

So, for those wanting to know how to do it, I found a tutorial to share with you.  Enjoy!


How to Tie a Knot in a Cherry Stem With Your Tongue


  1. Work the stem around in your mouth so it becomes more malleable (meaning easier to shape or change form).
  2. Fold the stem in half around the tip of your tongue; the easiest way to do this is lengthwise, so the folded stem lies along the length of the tongue, one end on the top of the tongue, one end on the bottom.
  3. Take the folded stem between your front teeth and bite down gently until the two ends cross over, forming a loop.
  4. Use the tip of your tongue to push one end of the stem through the loop you’ve made. Try using your teeth to rotate the looped stem toward the end you are trying to push through. This might take a few minutes, but it is possible, especially with practice.



  • For an extra flourish, push the cherry stone through the knotted stem (brace the knotted stem against your front teeth and push the stone halfway through using the tip of your tongue). People invariably believe that you’ve actually tied the stem around the stone. Those poor, poor fools!
  • Use the longest stem you can find, especially if you intend to push the stone through it.
  • The cherry with stem attached can be placed in the mouth and eaten, retaining the stem and stone for the trick.


  • Be careful not to choke on your cherry stem or pit.

Fun Fridays: Make your own stress ball…

I’ve had my fair amount of stress lately, so I wanted to share this easy idea of how you too can make your own stress relief ball.  Hope it helps! =)


How to Make a Balloon Stress Ball

Making a stress ball is very easy. They can be given as gifts or kept on your desk at home, school, or work.


  1. Fill the balloon with sand
  2. When you like the way it feels and it’s just squishy enough, tie a knot at the top.
  3. Decorate it with a permanent marker. You can make faces, designs, or even just doodle.
  4. Squeeze it to death.


  • You can substitute the sand for flour, rice, or corn starch. Do not use water balloons, for they are too thin and will tear easily.


  • If you use flour it will poof every where and make a mess

Things You’ll Need

  • Balloons
  • Sand
  • Markers (optional)

Manic Mondays: Michael Tolcher

Michael Tolcher has been one of my favorite artsits for years.  Some of you who may not know Michael’s music may have recently seen some Hilton commercials playing his songs. 

This past weekend, he was one of the performers at the Lyrics for Life event in Clearwater Beach, FL.  He continually blows me away with his lyrical genius and musicality.  I picked up a card at the table that had some free download information on it that I wanted to pass along with you.

Visit to download recordings from the debut album, “I AM,” plus his new acoustic track, “Speed Feels Better.”

When prompted, enter:
Login:  mtolcher08
Password:  seeyousoon


Fun Fridays: Hangman

The classic game of Hangman is now available online for your ‘waste your time away’ needs.


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